Update August 8, 2020 — Quarantines Extended


Here are a couple important bits of information.

  1. As of Tuesday August 11, all interisland travel is stopped until August 31. This is to reduce the spread of COVID from Oahu to the outer islands.
  2. On Maui, there are new rules about vacation rentals. (Thanks to our friends at MVRA for sharing this)

a. No vacation rental may be used as a quarantine location.

b. New or returning residents may use a long term rental for quarantine, provided that no property may be used as a quarantine location more than once in a six month period.

c. Property owners will be held responsible and documentation must be provided to the County if a violation is suspected.

On another note, please remember that everyone at RBOAA is a volunteer.  We are giving our time and energies freely.  Abuse will not be tolerated.  If you feel the need to be rude to us, please take out your frustrations on the nearest telephone pole.

In the meantime, stay well