July 11, 2020 HB460 is Dead but Opening May be Delayed


We have some good news and we have some bad news for your Saturday morning.

First, the good news. Always start with good news I say!

We wrote to you earlier this week about HB460, the Hawaii Senate’s latest attack on vacation rentals. The bill was completely over-the-top in its requirements and we asked you to write to the Representatives and Senators to express your thoughts.

The House members heard your comments and had reservations of their own and they rejected the bill. As the Hawaii legislature is now adjourned for the remainder of the year, this bill is dead.

Mahalo to all of you who took the time to write in.

Okay, now the bad news.

We have all been watching with horror the explosion in the number of cases of COVID 19 across the United States as well as the sharply rising numbers on Oahu.

The Mayors of the neighbour islands are now pressuring the Governor and Lt Governor to delay the August 1 reopening of trans-pacific travel to Hawaii, even with the requirement to have a negative COVID test. There is reason to believe their voices will be heard by Governor Ige.

Stay tuned, and if you have any bookings in August, you will want to watch the news closely.

In the meantime, stay well