March 11, 2020 Legislative Update


Dear RBOAA Members:

We at RBOAA are happy to report that at the moment we do not see any bills that could affect our rights regarding short term rentals on the State agenda.

There were a few bills that we watched, and they did not make the crossover, so they are not going to go further this session.

We will be keeping our eye out for the famous strip and replace that the State legislators are famous for and will advise you if such an event happens.

While the State has been quiet, the counties have not.  We at RBOAA do not have the funding or the manpower to deal with County issues but we have been getting inquiries about Maui County.

We are aware that Maui County has a hearing scheduled on March 6th at 3:00 HST to determine whether they will continue permitting properties that are not zoned for short term rentals. Maui currently has approximately 223 legal short-term rental homes and 140 bed and breakfast operations.

If you are affected by this proposed ban, you can find out more information from Maui Vacation Rental Association

Lastly, due to the fact we have not had the need to retain an attorney nor a lobbyist for the past two years, we are dropping the member fee to $10.00.  We will let you know when our website is updated to reflect this change.

Thank you for your support!