Hawaii Opens to Visitors w/Covid-19 Tests


In this edition of the RBOAA newsletter, we wanted to share a whole boatload of information. In fact, we wanted to provide so much information that we couldn’t squeeze it all into one email, so we are instead going to direct you to our website where we have posted all of this great stuff.

But first !!!– The announcement we have been waiting for came out yesterday.

Hawaii will reopen on August 1 to tourists who have taken a molecular Covid-19 test within the last 72 hours before travel and have a negative result. This is great news for the tourist industry in Hawaii and strikes a fair balance between the economy of Hawaii and the health of the residents.

In preparation for your upcoming guests, here are some important items to consider.

1. Enhanced cleaning protocols
2. COVID Safety Measures for our Guests
3. COVID Prevention during your stay

These three documents were compiled by RBOAA volunteers. We have included the contents on our website in an easy “copy & paste & edit” format so you can create your own documents. The link to the information is here: https://rboaa.org/cleaning-guidelines-for-covid-19/

4. It’s no secret that some tourists to the islands are less than respectful. We came across a series of videos that you could share with your guests on Hawaiian culture, land conservation and safety, water conservation and safety and culture. Links to these videos are here: https://rboaa.org/travel-tips/

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