Archive: Hawaii Department of Taxation Modernization

According to announcements made by the Hawaii DOT on May 5, 2016:

Modernization of the Tax System

“The Department is undergoing a major modernization effort to transform its operations and meet the rising expectations of today’s taxpayers. The Tax System Modernization Program is a collection of projects slated for completion by 2020. Almost every technical system used by the Department will be upgraded or replaced, especially old systems that no longer meet Hawaii’s needs. While the process of putting in new technology might lead to temporary performance hits, new tax systems will ultimately result in better taxpayer service and improved enforcement of tax laws.”

Hawaii Tax Identification Number Changes

“When tax accounts move to the new system, existing Hawaii Tax Identification Numbers associated with general excise, transient accommodation, use, sellers collection, rental motor vehicle, and county surcharge tax types will be replaced with a new account number format. The new account number format makes it easy to distinguish between taxpayer ID and tax account numbers. Tax account number prefixes also make it possible to know the associated tax type at a glance. To avoid inconveniencing taxpayers, the Department of Taxation will always continue to support tracking old account numbers and processing returns/payments received with old account numbers.  Taxpayers with active accounts can expect to receive new license certificates reflecting their new account numbers by August 31, 2016. After receiving new account numbers, taxpayers should provide them to financial institutions and other businesses as needed. This will help prevent any future confusion when tax forms and other documents are updated to reflect the new account number format.”