April 15, 2017 — Update


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  2. Please take action today;
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  4. Legislator Contact Info

All three bills that we are watching – SB686 to increase property taxes, SB704 and HB1471 on tax collection agents are now in “conference”.  Bills go to conference after passing through both houses but ending up with different versions.  The Senate amended the House bills and the House amended the Senate bills and now the versions need to be reconciled.   This process takes place behind closed doors and there is no opportunity for testimony.

In the past, RBOAA has sometimes been consulted during the conference process and we have been able to add positively to the final outcome.  Whether we will be asked for input this year remains to be seen.

The two tax collection agent bills are wildly different.  The two bills are different from each other and the two bills are also very different in their current version than in the version they left the originating house in.  Hawaiian politics is wild and unpredictable, but it is difficult to see how either of these two bills will get passed without a significant amount of work.   The property tax bill is even harder to predict.  We learned yesterday that every legislator received 800 postcards from teachers supporting this bill.  That is pretty hard to discount.  But, there are cracks in the support for this bill.  The House significantly amended the Senate bill and some members of the House voted against the bill.  In discussions with certain legislators, there is lukewarm support for this bill.  They recognize the political popularity of the tax, but also recognize that it is poor tax policy and probably the wrong solution to the problem.    There are just two weeks left in the legislative session and your executive team  believes it is still possible to beat the property tax bill.  But we need your help.

Please take action today

SB686.  Increase to property tax   SB686 is a bill to increase property taxes on those who own residential property which is rented out and on vacation rental owners.  We would be hit with both taxes.    The bill was recently amended in committee and now the residential investment tax applies only to properties valued at over $2 million.  This is a huge win for the majority of our members, but a significant new expense for some of our members, but it will be a $15,000+ increase in costs to those with properties over $2 million.

The section applying property tax to vacation rental properties provides for one rate for rental rates over $150 per night, regardless of occupancy and one rate for rental rates under $150, regardless of occupancy.    Now – the House took out all of the tax amounts, which means the increase in taxes could go way up – or they could go down.  Your RBOAA executive has not been able to determine why this amendment was made.  But, before the amounts were stripped out, most of us would have seen an $1825 increase in property tax per year on the vacation rental portion.

We need every member to write, email and phone every member of the House of Representatives and every member of the Senate to let them know you are opposed to this tax hike specifically aimed at you.  If you are in Hawaii, visit their offices!  

The contact information for the Representatives and Senators is at the bottom of this email.   Remember:

  • We already pay property taxes which are 3 to 4 times higher than residential property owners.
  • It is the wrong solution to a problem.  There are other studies on education funding in progress and those should be allowed to be finalized before this bill is considered.
  • The mechanism for collecting the transient accommodation tax through the property tax system is complex and unnecessary.
    • Property taxes are based on property values, not based on transactions.
    • The Counties don’t pay for education, but yet this bill puts the onus on the counties to collect education tax revenue
    • The Counties tell us they can’t enforce their own land use laws on vacation rentals, so asking to them to collect a tax on vacation rentals is silly.
  • We already collect and remit TAT
  • Hawaii already “exports” a significant portion of its tax burden by having non-residents pay an unusually high proportion of the State’s taxes.
  • While education benefits everyone, it puts the burden of the cost of education on a few.
Please Get Involved Tomorrow

As with any organization, people come and people go.  Every organization needs new people to take on responsibilities, provide new energy and new ideas.   RBOAA is no different and some members of your executive team have indicated that they will be stepping down at the end of this term.   This is your opportunity to get involved and take on a role within the leadership of RBOAA.

If you are interested, please contact Neal at president@rboaa.org indicating which areas you would like to get involved with and a brief description of your background.  Please also tell us where your vacation rental is and confirm that it is compliant with both state and county regulations.   Also:  it is never too late to financially support RBOAA.  While all our executive team are volunteers, our lobbyist and legal advisor are paid professionals.  Check out the handy “Donate” button on this website.

Legislator Contact Info

Senate.  This table lists the contact information for all Senators.  Below the list is a summary of all email addresses which you should be able to copy and paste into your email To: field.  [Note: Some members have had issues with the emails and email addresses provided below, while others have had no issues.  Apologies to those who have had challenges – I don’t know why!]

Baker ,  Rosalyn H. (D) 808-586-6070 senbaker@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Chang ,  Stanley (D) 808-586-8420 senchang@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Dela Cruz ,  Donovan M.(D) 808-586-6090 sendelacruz@capitol.hawaii.gov
English ,  J. Kalani (D) 808-587-7225 senenglish@capitol.hawaii.gov
Espero ,  Will (D) 808-586-6360 senespero@capitol.hawaii.gov
Gabbard ,  Mike (D) 808-586-6830 sengabbard@capitol.hawaii.gov
Galuteria ,  Brickwood (D) 808-586-6740 sengaluteria@capitol.hawaii.gov
Green ,  Josh (D) 808-586-9385 sengreen@capitol.hawaii.gov
Harimoto ,  Breene (D) 808-586-6230 senharimoto@capitol.hawaii.gov
Ihara ,  Les Jr. (D) 808-586-6250 senihara@capitol.hawaii.gov
Inouye ,  Lorraine R. (D) 808-586-7335 seninouye@capitol.hawaii.gov
Kahele ,  Kaiali‘i (D) 808-586-6760 senkahele@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Keith-Agaran ,  Gilbert S.C. (D) 808-586-7344 senkeithagaran@capitol.hawaii.gov
Kidani ,  Michelle N. (D) 808-586-7100 senkidani@capitol.hawaii.gov
Kim ,  Donna Mercado (D) 808-587-7200 senkim@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Kouchi ,  Ronald D. (D) 808-586-6030 senkouchi@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Nishihara ,  Clarence K. (D) 808-586-6970 sennishihara@capitol.hawaii.gov
Rhoads ,  Karl (D) 808-586-6130 senrhoads@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Riviere ,  Gil (D) 808-586-7330 senriviere@capitol.hawaii.gov
Ruderman ,  Russell E. (D) 808-586-6890 senruderman@capitol.hawaii.gov
Shimabukuro ,  Maile S.L.(D) 808-586-7793 senshimabukuro@capitol.hawaii.gov
Taniguchi ,  Brian T. (D) 808-586-6460 sentaniguchi@capitol.hawaii.gov
Thielen ,  Laura H. (D) 808-587-8388 senthielen@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Tokuda ,  Jill N. (D) 808-587-7215 sentokuda@capitol.hawaii.gov
Wakai ,  Glenn (D) 808-586-8585 senwakai@capitol.hawaii.gov

senbaker@Capitol.hawaii.gov; senchang@Capitol.hawaii.gov;  sendelacruz@capitol.hawaii.gov; senenglish@capitol.hawaii.gov; senespero@capitol.hawaii.gov; sengabbard@capitol.hawaii.gov; sengaluteria@capitol.hawaii.gov; sengreen@capitol.hawaii.gov; senharimoto@capitol.hawaii.gov; senihara@capitol.hawaii.gov; seninouye@capitol.hawaii.gov; senkahele@Capitol.hawaii.gov; senkeithagaran@capitol.hawaii.gov; senkidani@capitol.hawaii.gov; senkim@Capitol.hawaii.gov; senkouchi@Capitol.hawaii.gov;  sennishihara@capitol.hawaii.gov; senrhoads@Capitol.hawaii.gov; senriviere@capitol.hawaii.gov; senruderman@capitol.hawaii.gov; senshimabukuro@capitol.hawaii.gov; sentaniguchi@capitol.hawaii.gov; senthielen@Capitol.hawaii.gov;  sentokuda@capitol.hawaii.gov;  senwakai@capitol.hawaii.gov ;

House of Representatives.  Below the list is a summary of all email addresses which you should be able to copy and paste into your email To: field.

Aquino ,  Henry J.C. (D) 808-586-6520 repaquino@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Belatti ,  Della Au (D) 808-586-9425 repbelatti@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Brower ,  Tom (D) 808-586-8520 repbrower@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Cachola ,  Romy M. (D) 808-586-6010 repcachola@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Choy ,  Isaac W. (D) 808-586-8475 repchoy@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Creagan ,  Richard P. (D) 808-586-9605 repcreagan@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Cullen ,  Ty J.K. (D) 808-586-8490 repcullen@Capitol.hawaii.gov
DeCoite ,  Lynn (D) 808-586-6790 repdecoite@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Evans ,  Cindy (D) 808-586-8510 repevans@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Fukumoto ,  Beth (R) 808-586-9460 repfukumoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Gates ,  Cedric Asuega (D) 808-586-8460 repgates@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Har ,  Sharon E. (D) 808-586-8500 rephar@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Hashem ,  Mark J. (D) 808-586-6510 rephashem@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Holt ,  Daniel (D) 808-586-6180 repholt@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Ichiyama ,  Linda (D) 808-586-6220 repichiyama@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Ing ,  Kaniela (D) 808-586-8525 reping@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Ito ,  Ken (D) 808-586-8470 repito@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Johanson ,  Aaron Ling (D) 808-586-9470 repjohanson@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Keohokalole ,  Jarrett (D) 808-586-8540 repkeohokalole@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Kobayashi ,  Bertrand (D) 808-586-6310 repkobayashi@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Kong ,  Sam Satoru (D) 808-586-8455 repkong@Capitol.hawaii.gov


Lee ,  Chris (D) 808-586-9450 replee@Capitol.hawaii.gov
LoPresti ,  Matthew S. (D) 808-586-6080 replopresti@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Lowen ,  Nicole E. (D) 808-586-8400 replowen@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Luke ,  Sylvia (D) 808-586-6200 repluke@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Matsumoto ,  Lauren Kealohilani (R) 808-586-9490 repmatsumoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov
McDermott ,  Bob (R) 808-586-9730 repmcdermott@Capitol.hawaii.gov
McKelvey ,  Angus L.K. (D) 808-586-6160 repmckelvey@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Mizuno ,  John M. (D) 808-586-6050 repmizuno@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Morikawa ,  Dee (D) 808-586-6280 repmorikawa@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Nakamura ,  Nadine K. (D) 808-586-8435 repnakamura@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Nakashima ,  Mark M. (D) 808-586-6680 repnakashima@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Nishimoto ,  Scott Y. (D) 808-586-8515 repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Ohno ,  Takashi (D) 808-586-9415 repohno@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Onishi ,  Richard H.K. (D) 808-586-6120 reponishi@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Oshiro ,  Marcus R. (D) 808-586-6700 repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Quinlan ,  Sean (D) 808-586-6380 repquinlan@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Saiki ,  Scott K. (D) 808-586-8485 repsaiki@Capitol.hawaii.gov
San Buenaventura , Joy A. (D) 808-586-6530 repsanbuenaventura@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Say ,  Calvin K.Y. (D) 808-586-6900 repsay@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Souki ,  Joseph M. (D) 808-586-6100 repsouki@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Takayama ,  Gregg (D) 808-586-6340 reptakayama@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Takumi ,  Roy M. (D) 808-586-6170 reptakumi@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Thielen ,  Cynthia (R) 808-586-6480 repthielen@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Todd ,  Chris (D) 808-586-8480 reptodd@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Tokioka ,  James Kunane(D) 808-586-6270 reptokioka@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Tupola ,  Andria P.L. (R) 808-586-8465 reptupola@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Ward ,  Gene (R) 808-586-6420 repward@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Woodson ,  Justin H. (D) 808-586-6210 repwoodson@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Yamane ,  Ryan I. (D) 808-586-6150 repyamane@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Yamashita ,  Kyle T. (D) 808-586-6330 repyamashita@Capitol.hawaii.gov

repaquino@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repbelatti@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repbrower@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repcachola@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repchoy@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repcreagan@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repcullen@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repdecoite@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repevans@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repfukumoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repgates@Capitol.hawaii.gov; rephar@Capitol.hawaii.gov; rephashem@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repholt@Capitol.hawaii.gov;  repichiyama@Capitol.hawaii.gov; reping@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repito@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repjohanson@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repkeohokalole@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repkobayashi@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repkong@Capitol.hawaii.gov; replopresti@Capitol.hawaii.gov; replowen@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repluke@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repmatsumoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repmcdermott@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repmckelvey@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repmizuno@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repmorikawa@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repnakamura@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repnakashima@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repohno@Capitol.hawaii.gov; reponishi@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repquinlan@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repsaiki@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repsanbuenaventura@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repsay@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repsouki@Capitol.hawaii.gov; reptakayama@Capitol.hawaii.gov; reptakumi@Capitol.hawaii.gov;  repthielen@Capitol.hawaii.gov; reptodd@Capitol.hawaii.gov;  reptokioka@Capitol.hawaii.gov; reptupola@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repward@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repwoodson@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repyamane@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repyamashita@Capitol.hawaii.gov;

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