Benefits of Renting from an Owner

Renting a Hawaii vacation property directly from the owner:


The growing popularity explained

The ability to rent a vacation property directly from the property owner has fast become an accepted and valued accommodation preference for travelers from the U.S. and around the globe.  Here are some of the reasons why:


A pricing advantage in the competitive Hawaii market:

Whether you’re a veteran traveler, or are making your first trip to Hawaii, booking accommodation directly from the owner offers you an accommodation choice that is competitively priced, in keeping with your design and furnishing tastes, and located right where you want to be in Hawaii, with the breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences and attractions that attract guests from the four corners of the world.


Hawaii accommodation as individual as guests themselves:

As travelers become more sophisticated and exacting in their expectations of accommodation offerings, the benefits of renting directly from an owner are as numerous and varying as owners and guests themselves.  In addition to delivering competitive rates, owners of private vacation rentals in Hawaii are tremendous ambassadors, not just for their property and their effort to ensure it meets your expectations but for the neighborhood in which it’s located, the island it’s on, and Hawaii itself.  A question to the owner of a private vacation rental in Hawaii about what to see and do, or how best to enjoy the accommodation and its amenities is sure to produce all kinds of helpful information, and from the owner’s first-hand experience, too.


Owners who care about your Hawaii experience: 

Looking for vacation rental in Hawaii that’s furnished in a certain style, or with special amenities and features to meet your individual needs and tastes?  Then renting directly from owners who rent their property themselves remains the best way to go.  When owners turn management of their properties over to property managers, the fees and commissions they charge can quickly limit the amount that owners are able to reinvest in their properties, impacting your guest experience.  In renting directly from the owner of a vacation rental, you’ve accessed a growing accommodation offering, one where owners make significant investments in their properties, not just because they want to enjoy their Hawaii vacation needs, but because they want your experience to be just as exceptional.


Renting from the owner enhances your control over your Hawaii experience:

Maybe it’s the competitive pricing options. Perhaps it’s the ability to select the style of furnishing and amenities you want in the location your prefer.  And it could just be that you want more in ensuring you experience the Hawaiian holiday you’ve dreamed of, like knowing that the home or apartment you’ve chosen is exactly the one that you’ll be staying in when you arrive, not one assigned to you after you arrive by some booking office.  Maybe it’s a case of space and wanting your accommodation to be not just a room to sleep in, but spacious enough so that whether you’re outside and on the go, or just want to relax inside your accommodation to recharge, you are experiencing Hawaii the way it was meant to be experienced.  And maybe it’s how tired we all are of hidden costs — more and more Hawaii guests are finding that dealing directly with owners of Hawaiian vacation rentals means knowing, with certainty right from the start, what they’ll pay for their Hawaiian holiday.  No more last-minute surprises through extra charges for parking, Internet, and other services after they arrive.

So there you have it, a few reasons to explain why renting a vacation property directly from the property owner has fast become a preferred accommodation choice for travelers from the U.S. and around the globe seeking a better, more personal, Hawaii vacation experience.  Whether you’re visiting Hawaii to get away from stress and relax, to celebrate romance, to see and experience one of the world’s most beautiful locations, or just to enjoy some peace and quiet in space large enough so it feels like home, the best holidays are the one where guests have control over the things that matter — the accommodation they’ve selected, in the location they prefer, at the price they agreed to, with a direct relationship with the owner.


In Hawaii, renting directly from owners of vacation rentals offers you all this and much, much more.  And that’s why Hawaii’s Rental By Owner Awareness Association (RBOAA) is working to ensure that visitors to Hawaii continue to have access to this valued accommodation choice as do travelers to other global tourism destinations.